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Studio 7

Studio 7 is a high spec boutique recording studio based in North East London. It has three main rooms - a contol room, a live room, and a dedicated vocal booth/ dead room. All three main rooms have been carefully acoustically treated with a mix of hessian lined sound baffle and pine wood. The studio runs Pro Tools, Logic and Ableton via a 32gb IMac. There are 32 inputs and outputs running from the mixing desk to computer via two UA Apollo 16 mkII interfaces. This set up offers 32 multitrack recording with the possibility of inserting any of our comprehensive range of UA plug ins into the recording chain as if hardware.

At the heart of the studio is "The Plank" Conny Plank's 56 Channel Handmade Mixing Desk. This is the legendary console hand built by Conny Plank, Peter Lang and Michael Zahl in 1970 and originally situated at Conny Planks' world famous studio’ in Cologne, Germany. Between 1970 and 1987 Conny’s studio became one of the most prestigious recording studios in Europe credited with producing many classic albums including ‘Autobahn’ by Kraftwerk, ‘Vienna’ by Ultravox, ‘Before and After Science’ by Brian Eno and ‘In the Garden’ by Eurythmics. Conny was a huge influence on Bowie and Brian Eno who used Conny's studio to produce Devo’s first album in 1978.

Studio 7 has a great selection of real hardware including a Lexicon 480L reverb unit, Roland RE-501 Chorus Echo and 8 vintage gold cap Barth U311 compressor units. We have a huge selection of Drum Kits, Amps, Synths, Keyboards, Drum Machines, Software and other Instruments so are well placed to deal with every kind of musical project. The studio is a well matched balance of vintage and modern equipment capable of producing music to the very highest standard.

For full details of the studio including detailed specs please download the

STUDIO INFO PDF available on our home page

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